Participated in course entitled Save Pennsylvania’s Past: Environmental Management: Stewardship & Sustainability, taught by James M. Reilly, Michael C. Henry, and Richard L. Kerschner. Organized by Conservation Center for Art & Historic Artifacts (CCAHA) and the State Museum of Pennsylvania.


Conservators from museums, archives and libraries from Latin American and Caribbean countries working together creating guidelines for stabilization of collections containing biodeterioration.

National Archives of Uruguay, Montevideo, Uruguay.


Preserving Iron Gall Ink Collections Containing Mould Infestations in Hot and Humid Climates in South and Central America and the Caribbean Islands by Valeria Orlandini, Fernanda Mokdessi Auada, María Clemencia García Salazar, Raúl García Rodríguez, Alicia Tonello, Ana María Calvo and Lucia Thomé.

Climate for Collections Conference 2012, in Munich, Germany

Printed version is now available at: Archetype Publications Limited.


Outreach: Participated in Mexican Archivist Annual Meeting in Villahermosa, Mexico July 2012

Keynote speaker for a three-day conference talk entitled "Conservación de Patrimonio Documental y Digital: Preservación y Planes de Gestión de Desastres" / "Conservation of Documental and Digital Patrimony and Disaster Management and Mitigation" organized by the National Archives of Mexico and State of Tabasco, Mexico.



Calcium Phytate Treatment on 19th Century Iron Gall Ink Documents: Overall Summary of Research Results and Implications on Treatment Decisions by Season Tse, Sherry Guild, Doug Goltz, Valeria Orlandini and Maria Trojan-Bedynski. (2010)


Effect of Aqueous Treatments on Nineteenth Century Iron-Gall-Ink Documents: Assessment Using Hyperspectral Imaging by Season Tse, Doug Goltz, Sherry Guild, Valeria Orlandini, Maria Trojan-Bedynski and Mary Richardson.


Preserving Iron Gall ink Objects in Collections in South and Central America and the Caribbean, Part 1: Assessing Preservation Needs of Ink-Corroded Materials by Valeria Orlandini, Lucia Thomé, Franciza Lima Toledo, Luiz Antonio Cruz Souza, Florencia Gear, Cecilia Oviedo Bustos and Raul Garcia Rodriguez in Restaurator.


Effect of Aqueous Treatments on Nineteenth Century Iron Gall Ink Documents: Calcium Phytate Treatment - Optimization of Existing Protocols by Valeria Orlandini.